Hi!  :) 

My name is Tammy... my given Dharma name is Tashi - meaning Auspicious. In my practice, I use creativity, mindfulness, and intention to see the world with a fresh, bottom-up view.


This means not taking anything for granted. So often, we pass the miracles of ordinary magic on our way to our “destination”, when the joy is right there under our noses.

With the good eye opened, everything is art, everyone is the muse, every one of us is the Beloved.

This time we have on earth is opportune for seeing.

Opening up and viewing the world through a fresh perspective can bring a sense of grounding, and evoke an array of emotions.

"Miksang" is a Tibetan word that means "good eye". To me, the concept of "good eye" simply means eyes that are open to the true nature of things. This practice has become a conduit for syncing the world of form with my own senses and perceptions.

I hope you enjoy these photos and maybe become inspired to see your world anew, also! :) 

My Miksang Haiku:

What do my eyes see?

Open sky, senses abound

Flash of Perception



Tashi :)


what Is The Root? by Hafiz ~

What is the Root of all these words?
One thing: Love.
But a Love so deep and sweet it needed to express itself with scents, sounds and colors that never before existed.